Smartphone Batteries Are Replaceable And Non-replaceable

The world's leading smart phone manufacturers are currently a large part of the "built-in lithium battery" can not be replaced by the technical route, they include Apple, Samsung, Motorola and so on. However, because of the problem of endurance, a considerable number of consumers still miss the battery can be replaced.

Comprehensive users of the argument, the use of built-in smart phone smart phones have advantages and disadvantages.

First, favorable office:

1, thin: because the lithium battery with a fixed way, you do not have to take up more open space, so that the phone appears thinner.

2, mobile phone battery arbitrarily: This is conducive to each company designed a unique, different shape of the mobile phone products.

3, more fixed: In general, the use of non-replaceable batteries are polymer lithium battery, because it can make its square, it is easy to close the phone shell and design, making the overall mobile phone more solid.

4, do not have to worry about fake and shoddy batteries, for the safety of consumers benefits.

Second, the drawbacks:

1, the damage to the battery, built-in lithium battery can not replace the battery, so we can only charge through the frequent charge, but constantly on a battery charge, cell phone battery performance will cause a certain reduction.

2, high maintenance costs to Apple iphone, for example, due to damage caused by lithium battery maintenance costs up to 600 yuan, more expensive than imported lithium batteries.

3, long-distance travel concerns.

Third, the solution:

1, only to develop the habit of filling the ground. For most of the iphone users this is not a problem, they basically developed a day of a habit of filling.

2, mobile power: travel a standing mobile power is a popular lifestyle, which is the rise of the current mobile power manufacturers reasons.