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Samsung Released Chinese Version Of Bixby Which Fits S8 / Note8 Firstly

                         Samsung released Chinese version of Bixby which fits S8 / Note8 firstly

Tencent Digital News ,November 21, Samsung Electronics held a conference in Beijing officially launched Chinese version of Bixby voice. November 30, the first fit Samsung S8 and Note8

Compared to other voice assistants in the market, Bixby includes four major functions of voice, vision, homepage, and reminder, and provides artificial intelligence multi-mode interactive experience. In addition to application coverage, in addition to local applications, it currently supports more than 20 kinds of third-party applications

With the development of artificial intelligence industry, multi-modal interaction based on natural speech processing technology will become the mainstream. Bixby supports Samsung's self-developed dual-engine natural speech understanding module that understands complex instructions and also recognizes information that is incomplete

Bixby's situational awareness will begin to understand the current usage environment and application state as the user is using it, and you can wake up to Bixby for the next step.

In addition, Bixby also has learning ability, it can learn your daily habits. Instead of learning how to interact with the machine in the future, people learn how to adapt the machine to the user and eventually achieve an iterative update of Bixby. The future users can also customize their own interface to create their own Bixby, and support for cloud sharing.

However, the current voice assistant is facing a relatively big problem, the usage rate is not too high, after all, the user is not clear which applications or features can be voice to support. Samsung Bixby's approach as much as possible to cover the various functions of the phone, in addition to native applications and third-party applications, the future of this deep integration mode will continue to do.

It is reported that Chinese users will experience the Samsung Bixby Chinese version on November 30, the first adaptation of the Samsung S8 and Note8, the future will gradually adapt to the Samsung W2018 and other models. In the future, Samsung will continue to launch Bixby version 2.0 in China to strengthen R & D in the field of AR.

As of now, Samsung's AI technology has been used in S Voice, handwriting recognition, smart photo albums, biometrics, smart cameras and AI interaction and other fields