Measurement Of Mobile Phone Power Consumption Method

Recently, users have their own power measured the current popular millet phone power consumption results, now its steps and results are summarized as follows:

Before the test, the first equipment to be prepared: 1, battery management equipment: Kingsoft battery doctors; 2, can replace the battery charge DC power supply; 3, simple capacity test equipment; 4, built-in lithium battery millet phone.


1, remove the battery inside the millet phone, switch to DC power supply for the mobile phone power supply.

2, boot, test the phone's current. In the Jinshan battery doctor quick switch menu, all the features open, read the phone in different circumstances the power consumption. User's measured results are as follows:

The average current of the video is about 0.58A (condition: the headphone sony E931 has a volume of 75%, a maximum of 0.8, a minimum of 0.33, and a majority between 0.4 and 0.7A).

Call the average current is about 0.47A (condition: 10086, do not open hands-free dial-up when the higher reaches 0.67, the lowest 0.32, most remain between 0.52 to 0.4A, this value may have a greater volatility).

The average current of the game is about 0.6A (condition: no sound, maximum 0.7, minimum 0.48, most remain between 0.5 and 0.6A).

The average current of the music is about 0.17A (condition: the screen is closed, the headphone sony E931 has a volume of 75%, a maximum of 0.23, a minimum of 0.10, and a majority between 0.12 and 0.2A).

3, with a simple capacity test equipment to test the capacity of lithium batteries, cellar battery lithium battery measured capacity of 1814mAh (its nominal capacity of 1930mAh), with the measured capacity can be obtained in different cases, millet mobile phone actual power consumption time The.

See video: 1814mAh / 0.58A = 3.86 hours

Call: 1814mAh / 0.47A = 3.02 hours

Play the game: 1814mAh / 0.6A = 10.67 hours

Listen to music: 1814mAh / 0.17A = 3.12 hours

From the test results, millet cell phone lithium battery can be regarded as large-capacity lithium battery.

4, standby time: the real capacity / average current, the test closed all the extra running procedures, leaving only Jinshan battery doctors to read the data, the measured data is greater than 200 hours.