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Pple Confirmed The Downgrade Of IPhone X Production But Not That Exaggerated

In January 30th, according to the Reuters news, an executive of iPhone X component suppliers Japan Murata Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (Murata Manufacturing) has just said that the company has not received the apple like the outside world reported earlier that a substantial reduction in the output of iPhone X notice, apple is only slightly down regulated iPhone X production target, and not so exaggeration as outside media said. The Nikkei news yesterday reported that as sales of key markets in Europe and the United States and other Chinese holiday shopping season is worse than expected, apple suppliers have been informed that the first quarter of this year iPhone X production target cut in half, down from the original 40 million to 20 million. "Our understanding is that the number of parts and components that the company provides for iPhone X has declined, but not half as exaggerated." Vice chairman Yoshitaka Fujita of Murata Manufacturing Co. Ltd. said. Apple's share price fell 1.9% after the report was announced. For nearly a week since January 22nd, Apple's share price has fallen by 4.9%, and the market value has evaporated more than $45 billion. Even so, Wall Street and analysts are not optimistic about the expectations of apple iPhone X in the first quarter of this year. Narci Chang, an analyst in JP technology and semiconductor industry, said in its research report last Tuesday that the order of iPhone X will decrease by 50% in the first quarter of this year compared with the fourth quarter of last year. As a result, iPhone X's shipments in the first quarter are expected to be reduced by 33% compared with the first quarter. She downgraded the iPhone X production forecast for the first quarter from 30 million to 20 million. "We have recently found more and more signs of weakness in Apple's iPhone X demand." She pointed out in the report. In addition, some Wall Street analysts are worried about the sluggish market demand for iPhone X, even this month's downgrade to Apple's stock. Earlier this month, Longbow Research to Apple's stock rating from "buy" down to "neutral", apple is expected in fiscal year 2018, iPhone shipments will be lower than expected. Shortly after that, Atlantic Equities also lowered the rating of apple stock from "overweight" to "neutral". It is expected that Apple's sales in the first quarter will be lower than expected in the Atlantic.