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IPhone X

Thursday, Apple released the third quarter (natural quarter, the same below) earnings, of which a slight increase 3% in smart phones. While the iPhone X, which has been postponed until November, will not affect the third-quarter results, iPhone X has become a hot topic at the earnings analysts' conference. Cook said that on the price issue, iPhone X is equivalent to drink a cup of coffee a day.

According to Barron's Web site reported that, after the iPhone X up to $ 1000 pricing controversy around the world, many media and analysts worried that the maximum price of this iPhone history will affect the enthusiasm of consumers to buy. In the earnings conference, some analysts asked Cook, why Apple has confidence to sell a cell phone at $ 1,000.

Cook said $ 1,000 was not as expensive as it was for installments. "Think about it just for a few coffee cups a week. In some nice cafes, the iPhone X Price less than a day a cup of coffee .

At the end of October, iPhone X started its bookings globally. Consumers in many countries need to wait for five or six weeks to get the phones, it indicating a high demand

Cook said that the iPhone X is scheduled to be strong, no matter consumer reservations or channel partners (ie mobile operators). He said it has been reported that there were hundreds of people queuing at Apple retail stores in Sydney, Australia on Friday, same as other retail outlets in other areas.


The outside world thought that iPhone X booking was hot, but Apple faces a huge challenge, that is, how to meet a large number of scheduled demand. The Nikkei newspaper said before that Foxconn could deliver 20 million iPhones to Apple in 2017, just half the Apple production plan.

Cook also talked about the iPhone X production. He said iPhone X is the most advanced smartphone developed by Apple with many advanced technologies built in. At present, the production volume of iPhone X is gradually increasing, and Apple will try its best to meet the needs of subscribers, but it is still impossible to judge the iPhone X When there can be balance between supply and demand.

In the face of the assimilation of smartphones, Apple decided to make it a big selling point for iPhone. Cook disclosed that the current Augmented Reality app in the Apple Software Store has surpassed 1,000 kinds.

Cook said augmented reality will change the way people use technology products, and software in mobile phones will be able to interact with virtual models of anything, such as the human body structure or the solar system.

Asked by analysts about the future of cellphone augmented reality, Cook talked about many software cases. Some AR software will change the way consumers shop, some commercial tools will increase the productivity of workers, others will make a huge difference to the school classroom, and he wants to be back to school, he said.

Cook said the explosion of augmented reality software will be similar to the one that third-party developers brought to Apple when it first introduced the software store in 2008.