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HUAWEI Announced Its 2018 Revenue Target: $102 Billion 200 Million

HUAWEI ended its 2017 market award ceremony. At this meeting, HUAWEI announced its revenue target of $102 billion 200 million, about 655 billion 800 million yuan, in 2018. This year is the thirtieth anniversary of the establishment of HUAWEI, according to the data announced at the end of last year by HUAWEI, the company achieved about 600 billion yuan in sales revenue in 2017. On the basis of this, HUAWEI grew by about 55 billion 800 million yuan on this basis in 2018, hoping to grow 9.3% over the same period. According to the information on the screen, the business goals of HUAWEI's BG are released accordingly: EBG (enterprise BG) achieves revenues of 10 billion 600 million dollars and CNBG (operator BG) to achieve 45 billion dollars and CBG (consumer BG) to achieve 441 dollars. The HUAWEI cloud BU did not single out the revenue target, but to another income of $2 billion 500 million. From the sales data of consumer BG last year, the number of smartphone shipments in 2017 reached 153 million, and the sales revenue was estimated to be 236 billion yuan. In 2018, the target income of consumer BG was about 283 billion yuan, an increase of about 16.6%, compared with the growth rate of 44% in 2016, and the growth rate was down in 2017.