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Battery Explosion

It is a terrible electronic product failure of battery explosion, especially when people carry the phone. In recent years, the most serious problem of cell phone battery failure is Samsung Note 7 mobile phone, it has huge economic losses after recall all the Samsung note 7 mobile phone. Why the cell phone battery gets explosion? Scientists seem to have found the answer.


Recently, a team of scientists which specializing in battery development and research found that, sometimes the chain reaction that leading to lithium ion battery explosion can be observed when use of cryo-EM (frozen electron microscope). In their published paper, the team attributed the explosion to "dendrites", that is small crystals that form when excess ions pass through lithium ions. With the growth of the crystal, sometimes these hexahedrons break the different parts of the battery, which causing the battery to short-circuit or even explode.


It can be said this research has very important significance. Because in the past, people's understanding of the battery failure is very tense, such as external force or due to lithium ion instability; and this study from the micro-explain why the lithium battery will explode, and the whole process can be checked to a certain extent construction Battery material, to enhance the battery quality.


"Using cryo-EM, it is exciting and challenging to look at fragile and unstable chemical materials and be able to maintain its original state. Observing the battery with the highest resolution," says researcher Yi Cui. In addition, the team hopes to design a safer lithium battery in this way. Once you really understand why the dendritic structure is formed, then the battery manufacturer can effectively guard against the explosion. And the phone will sure no explosion any more.

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