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A Designer Shared Two Rare IPhone Prototype At IPhone 10 Anniversary

A designer shared two rare iPhone prototype at iPhone 10 Anniversary


In the global fans to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Apple iPhone release, there is a designer to share first and second generation of iPhone design. Designers said the photo in the prototype is for the first generation of iPhone to develop a virtual keyboard to use. Although now we have accepted the virtual keyboard, but 10 years ago, most people think that virtual keyboard design is a huge failure. So, responsible for the virtual keyboard design engineer Ken Kocienda and his team felt very stressful.


Kocienda also mentioned that engineers involved in the development of this top-secret project called these pre-release development hardware "Wallabies".


The two prototypes have been in his office before leaving him in May of this year, and he writes, "When I leave the apple, it's hard for me to let go of it, just like saying goodbye to old friends."


And now, everyone admits that the iPhone is a great project. Will you expect the coming iPhone 8 in the next half year after reading the old story about the iPhone?  


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