Original Replacement Cell Phone Rechargeable Battery BL-46ZH for LG K7 K8

original Replacement cell phone rechargeable battery BL-46ZH for LG K7 K8 Model: LG K7 K8 Battery type: Li-Polymer battery Capacity: 2125mah Voltage: 3.8V Quality: Original and OEM new MOQ: Sample accept Warranty: One year Certification: CE,FCC,ROHS,MFI QC: Test one by one for 100% working...
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    original Replacement cell phone rechargeable battery BL-46ZH for LG K7 K8

    Product: We can provide LG K7 K8 original battery,LG K7 K8 rechargeable battery,LG K7 K8 replacement battery, replacement battery for LG K7 K8 and cell phone battery for LG K7 K8, we also have LCD, flex cable, touch screen, back cover and charging connector etc for all popular phone models, please contact with us for further information.

    Capacity: 2125mah

    Battery type: Li-Polymer battery

    Voltage: 3.8V

    Quality: Original and OEM new, batteries with double-protection IC and NTC PCB offer over-discharging, over-charging, over-voltage, over-current and short-circuit protection.

    MOQ: Sample accept

    Warranty: One year

    Certification: CE,FCC,ROHS,MFI

    Working temp:-15 to 50, storage one year tem:-20 to 35 degree.

    Battery charging time: Approx 4-6 hours with universal charger,  2-4 hours for travel charger.

    Safety:PCM Board provides protection against overcharge,discharge,short-circuit to ensure the safety


    1.1 pieces/small white box,

    2.small white boxes/middle boxes, 100 middle boxes /carton Neutral packing,

    3.OEM/ODM packing, We will design the packing and sticker as your request.


    1) Use an original or reliable charger

    2) Do not throw the battery into fire or water

    3) To avoid keeping it at the temperature above 45 degrees or it may cause explosion

    4) Do not pressing it or dropping it from the high altitude

    5) To prevent short circuit, never to put it together with conductors such as keys coins, etc

    6) Keep the battery in a cool dry surrounding if its stand by

    Payment Terms:  Cash,Western Union, Bank Transfer(T/T), paypal and MoneyGram etc.

    Shipment way:  Air cargo(5-10 days), Sea cargo(15-30 days)

    Lead Time: 5-7 Working days depend on the order quantity after the payment confirmed, we will send you the bill of lading once we get the information from our forwarder.


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