Capacitive screen in the touch screen industry production and application

Touch screen technology is a new type of human-computer interactive input mode, compared with the traditional keyboard and mouse input, touch screen input more intuitive.

 With the identification software, touch screen can also achieve handwriting input. In the touch screen industry overall strength under the big pattern, capacitive touch screen will be the main market share, the annual growth rate will be more than 30%.

5-inch capacitive touch screen will become the future of the largest touch screen market applications, 5-10 inch touch screen on the Tablet PC, e-reader penetration, the development of the touch screen market will drive a new wave of growth momentum. According to the technical life cycle impact on the industry index, we determine the touch screen industry within the next 5 years will have greater room for growth, great investment value.

The current touch screen (TOUCH screen) mainstream is divided into two kinds of screen, one is "capacitive screen", one is "resistance screen"

Throughout the development and application of touch screen, capacitive touch screen to replace the trend of resistive touch screen, compare the capacitance screen and the difference between the resistance screen, analysis of the production process and application of capacitive screen, summed up the advanced technology of capacitive screen technology.

Before the exposure of the Tablet PC is more than a resistive touch screen, but the resistive touch screen must be pressed, and generally a single touch, and capacitive touch screen only touch operation, you can also achieve multi-touch.

And with the popularity of the Tablet PC, in the pursuit of the function is also getting higher and higher, the traditional resistive touch has been unable to meet the needs of Tablet PC, especially in the game, the requirements are getting higher and higher, so the Tablet PC must use Multi-point touch screen in order to make its function more perfect.